Are you ready to change?

You have tried getting “clean” and or “sober” before and were unable to sustain recovery. Perhaps you are thinking that the way you are currently functioning and living is not working and are seeking solutions. Perhaps you are looking at options for a loved one who is addicted.

How will you know if you or a loved one are ready? Hope and belief are great indicators. Hope that life can be different and the belief that it will work. Even without hope and belief recovery will work.


Learning to live in recovery sounds difficult to some. However, it is much less difficult than daily using. Consider these points:

    • If you no longer enjoy getting buzzed
    • The effort it takes to get high is not worth the effort it takes to get there
    • You can no longer achieve the high you seek
    • You don’t want to use but you do anyway
    • You have legal problems because of your using and drinking
    • You are isolated from family and friends
    • You are having employment challenges
    • Dying seems like an option or is desired
    • Your health is suffering
    • You don’t know what happiness is anymore

Know that you will always be able to return to using and drinking. No one will take this truth away from you. You know this way of living. Today, right now, you can choose to live a new way. The challenge is who can you be if you don’t use today? The high you seek through drugs or alcohol is short lived. The natural passions and highs of living a new way are endless. Trust that you are worth it. The desire to change is all that you need to take action today.

Being ready is not a requirement for change.

You no longer have to suffer.

Take action and get the necessary support.